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Rain Garden Workshop - Moon Tree Studios

                  July 30, 2016

Pergola at Studio
Group observing plants
Garden_Cone Flowers
Rain Garden with Sediment
John and Kara
Group Work2
Garden Draining to Lake

15 people attended this free workshop at Moon Tree Studios.  Kara Salazar and John Orick, Purdue University Extension Educators, conducted a one hour Rain Garden Fundamentals workshop.  This was just enough information to get everyone excited about installing their own rain garden!

Matt Linn and Sister Mary Baird then conducted a golf cart tour of Ancilla College grounds to demonstrate a number of mature rain gardens. 

Each atttendee received The Blue Thumb Guide to Raingardens. 

MCSWCD has grant money available to install a demonstration rain garden in 2017.  If you would like to help with this project, please contact the office at 574-936-2024 x 3 or by email.

MCSWCD has funds available to help you install your own rain garden.  For more information please contact the office.

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