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"Education is the most powerful weapon we can use to change the world."  ~ Nelson Mandela

Conservation education extends to all ages. Students can develop an understanding of conservation at an early age and carry those lessons with them their entire lives. 

Contact Debbie at 574-936-2024 x 3 or by email if you are interested in an educational presentation for your classroom or group. 

Short video produced by Argos students about their recent field trip to Geneva Center where I demonstrated water quality testing. 


Send an email to request the sandbox,
either for your own lesson plan or to have  SWCD make a presentation. 


Envirothon is a competitive learning event for high school-aged students. Envirothon tests the student’s knowledge of environmental resources including aquatics, soils, forestry, wildlife and current environmental issues.

Marshall County Soil & Water Conservation District (MCSWCD) is proud to be a part of this educational opportunity.   Our event is held annually in March at Camp Buffalo, a property of Sagamore Council, Boy Scouts of America, located 9 miles north of Monticello, Indiana. Representatives from area SWCDs contribute by providing food, administering the test as well as acting as guides from one educational station to the next.  If your school would like more informaiton please visit Indiana Envirothon.  

Arrow Head Country RC&D River Expeditions

The event consists of several one day rafting trips for area high schools with approximately 100 students each day.    The students learn about water quality, wildlife, forestry, soils and watersheds as they float the river and go ashore to do activities.  The day culminates with students taking a test on each subject area and competing against other schools. It takes alot of hard work to pull off every year but it is a great program that we are proud to sponsor and assist with.  

4th Grade Soils Presentation

Each November I leave the office and travel to area 4th grade classrooms to teach students about the value of soil.  We talk about it as a limited resource and why we need to take care of it.  We also talk about the texture.  I certainly enjoy myself and I hope the students learn something in the process.

Ag Day

Each year area 3rd grades gather in Centennial Park in Plymouth to learn varous aspects of the agricultural community.  Marshall County Soil & Water (SWCD) partners with Marshall County Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) to teach the students that all of our food comes from the soil.  A favorite segment is "Stump the Chump" where the students try to find a food that doesn't come either directly or indirectly from the soil.  Can you think of anything?

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