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By now everyone should know that pollinators are in trouble. According to the National Park Service website this is due to several reasons; habitat loss, declining food source, pesticide misuse, climate change and disease. That is the bad news. The good news is anyone can do something to help.

Discover Plymouth, in partnership with Marshall County SWCD, was recently awarded a QuIP Grant to create a pollinator garden in downtown Plymouth. The garden will be located at the corner of LaPorte and Center streets, across from the fire station. Shade, picnic tables and bench seating will be included to attract people and native plants and habitats will be included to attract the pollinators.

As the garden comes together, feel free to grab something to eat or drink from a local restaurant and come spend some time with nature. Hopefully you will get ideas on how to make your own landscape more pollinator friendly.

Bee on pink coneflower
Bee on pink coneflower

For more information on pollinator gardens, or to volunteer to help with this garden, please contact the Marshall County SWCD office at 574-936-2024 x 3 or

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